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🔥HOT SALE🔥Mini Stun Gun Flashlight For Your Key Chain
🔥HOT SALE🔥Mini Stun Gun Flashlight For Your Key Chain
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🔥HOT SALE🔥Mini Stun Gun Flashlight For Your Key Chain
🔥HOT SALE🔥Mini Stun Gun Flashlight For Your Key Chain
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🔥HOT SALE🔥Mini Stun Gun Flashlight For Your Key Chain

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This is ideal for Women, Men College Students, And Seniors.

Easy To Carry And Conceal For Non Lethal Personal Safety, Protection And Defense.

WIB 2.5 million volt Rechargeable Flash Light Stun Gun With Self Defence  Telescopic Iron Baton Folding Stick With Cushion Grip(Set of 2) - buy at  the price of $26.94 in flipkart.com | imall.com

Designed small in size to be manageable, but develops a power of 300 Kv capable in 3-6 seconds to stun a large assailant; 

It has a captivating look like an elegant keychain to keep in your pocket or a purse so it does not raise suspicions!

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The high voltage electrical discharge generated by the instrument causes loss of balance, muscular control, panic, confusion and disorientation, bringing the victim to his knees who will be unable to continue the aggression. 

The complete recovery takes about 10 to 20 minutes and does not leave permanent consequences.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight Key chain Mini Self-Defense Electric-Shocker  Outdoor Sports Sporting Goods


  • Distinctive U Flash design
  • Shell made from Aircraft Aluminum 
  • Electric Shock activated by push out propeller
  • Large Capacity Lithium polymer battery
  • Rechargeable 
  • LED Flash Light
  • Includes USB Charging Cord
  • Input Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Current Capacity > 1.8 A
  • Output Voltage: > 300kv
  • L1.89 X W25mm X H17mm

Amazon.com : Safety Technology Mini Keychain LED Slider Stun Gun Pink 10  Million Volts : Sports & Outdoors


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